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West 13th Street:

We offer enviromentally friendly options within your finiancial constraints.

Carpistry provides an intergrated green approach to home design and construction.
83rd Street & Park Avenue

resource conservation, flexible floor plan.

A stair master is hidden behind the mirror.

77th Street & 5th Avenue

suitable illumination.

Asheville, North Carolina

Recycled NYC skyscraper window and granite.
70th Street & Central Park West

Maximum spacial effiency with sustainable products.
77th Street & 5th Avenue

Elegant wet room solutions where wood meets water.
77th Street & 5th Avenue

Custom cabinetry solutions for small bathroom egonomics.

Pelham Parkway South

Before Carpistry:

Poor illumination, dirty water, leaky floor system.

Pelham Parkway South

After Carpistry:

Abundant full spectrum lighting, filtered drinking water, complete wet room floor isloation.

Pelham Parkway South

All green cabinetry, soundproof walls, a stable one step.

West 13th Street

Green means that unseen materials and trade craft are as clean and precise as what is visable.

Organic cotton insulation and clearly deliniated circuitry.

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Tom McCracken 917.509.8034

Robert Benes 646.296.2291 Fax: 212.874.7628

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